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Stop & Think


The Stop and Think Social Skill Training program uses a five-step approach for teaching, reinforcing or using any of the social skills mentioned above. The five steps are:

  • Stop and Think! This step is designed to condition children to take the time necessary to calm down and think about how they want to handle a situation.
  • Are You Going To Make a Good Choice or a Bad Choice? This step provides children with a chance to decide what kind of choice they want to make. With help from parents and teachers, along with the meaningful positive and negative consequences for various choices, children decide to make a "Good Choice."
  • What Are Your Choices or Steps? This step helps children to develop a specific plan before implementing a social skill. Here is where parents and teachers assist children by providing possible good choices or by actually teaching specific skills by breaking them into their component behavioral parts. This step helps children to "think before they act"? getting them ready to move into action...and
  • Just Do It! Here is where children actually perform their "Good Choice" behavior. If the specific skill or choice works, great. If not, the child is either provided with additional choices by their parents or teachers, or they are taught a new skill to use. Sometimes, they are prompted to go over the steps of a previously taught skill to make sure they are using it properly. Once successful, it's on to the last step.
  • The Good Job! step prompts children to reinforce themselves for successfully using a social skill and successfully responding to a situation or request. This step is important because children - and adults - do not always reinforce themselves for making good choices and doing a good job. Thus, this step teaches self-reinforcement.


Click on the grade level below for skills and steps for each skill. Try this at home.